4 beautiful Art Nouveau restaurants in Brussels

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4 beautiful Art Nouveau restaurants in Brussels

Brussels is brimming with art nouveau architecture. Although most of the houses are private belongings and thus inaccessible, there are still several art nouveau gems that are open to the public. Apart from art nouveau museums & hotels, there are also several restaurants that you should definitely check out. The visit will stand out as one of your most unusual experiences in Brussels.

La Porteuse d'Eau

La Porteuse d'Eau is without a shadow of a doubt one of the most beautiful art nouveau taverns in Brussels. The interior is outstanding with great art deco decor and furnishings including a wonderful spiral staircase and a huge umbrella-shaped glass rose. Despite its architectural appeal, it has not yet been turned into a tourist trap, a high-priced bobo m'as-tu-vu place or a mediocre "adaptation to modern times".

Don't go there for high ambition gastronomy. Their choice is for traditional dishes, à la bonne franquette, professionally prepared and served, and priced accordingly. That makes an excellent value-for-money proposition. Even more importantly, this offering is a perfect complement to the architectural setting for a genuine and enjoyable overall experience, as opposed to just hunt for a photogenic dish.

La Porteuse d'Eau, Art nouveau restaurant in Brussels

Le Falstaff

This magnificent brasserie-restaurant was established in 1903 and is without doubt one of the most ornate brasserie-restaurants you will find in Brussels. The interior is superb with wood panelled walls, ornate decor and furnishings including stained glass skylights... Le Falstaff is located in a superb area of Brussels where there are many pubs/bars and restaurants and there's plenty of seating options spread throughout this tavern both inside and outside looking out onto the busy and bustling street in front. It is also one of the restaurants that are open on Mondays.

The food is average though and prices are on the expensive side. Our recommendation would be to go there for a drink while enjoying the stunning art nouveau inside, but go elsewhere for food. If you haven't tried it before, this could be the opportunity to try the typical Brussels drink half en half.

Le Falstaff, Art nouveau restaurant in Brussels

MIM restaurant

Situated on top of the Musical Instruments Museum, this rooftop restaurant offers a stunning view over the city. But the most impressive part is the art nouveau architecture by Paul Saintenoy.

They offer brunch in the weekend, but in terms of price for value it is a bit disappointing. We rather go there on a sunny day to have a drink on their large outdoor terrace.

MIM restaurant, Art nouveau restaurant in Brussels

Le Perroquet

Have you ever had pitta in an art nouveau setting? This is your chance. The menu is relatively simple: it's pitta that you can top off with different sauces. As for the interior, one could spend hours looking around to enjoy all those details: marble tables, stained glass windows, antique-style chairs and beautiful Art Nouveau murals... Read more about this place in our article about Le Perroquet.

Situated in the heart of Sablon, Le Perroquet attracts both locals and tourists. The food is decent, although on the expensive side, which can be expected for this part of town.

Le Perroquet, Art nouveau restaurant in Brussels


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