La Promenade

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La Promenade

What could be more rewarding than a good meal after a long walk along the Coulée verte, the elevated linear park built on top of obsolete railway infrastructure?

La Promenade is ideally placed close to the end point (or the beginning) of the Coulée Verte. The green color of the interior design is a wink towards the surrounding natural environment. Although the interior design looks simple, one shouldn't underestimate the effort that has been put in it. Looking closely, you'll notice that there's not two identical pieces of furniture. All the chairs and tables have been painted and refined to create a harmonious ensemble. The same goes for the carafe collection in a corner close to the bar: they're all different, but similar too.

La Promenade restaurant, Paris La Promenade restaurant, Paris La Promenade restaurant, Paris

The restaurant has become famous as one of Jodorowsky's favourite spots in Paris: Every Wednesday afternoon, this Chilean-French film director comes here for some Tarot reading. Those interested can write their names on a scrap of paper, after which Jodorowsky will draw a name and read this person's cards.

Apart from habitués such as Jodorowsky, all kind of people come here. Only a three-minute walk from Gare de Lyon, La Promenade attracts tourists and locals alike. With wifi and plugs available to their clients, the restaurant also functions as a working space.

La Promenade restaurant, Paris La Promenade restaurant, Paris

The food served here is real French cuisine such as oysters from Cancale, cheese and delicatessen from Aveyron and home-made aligot (French potato mash with cheese and sausage). The dish of the day costs between 11 and 13 euro. Be sure to try the framboisoffee, the speciality of the house: a cake with dulce de leche, raspberries and mascarpone.

When it comes to drinks, they have a rather a standard menu, although happy hour deserves a special mention: 16h to 21h, cocktails are 2 euros cheaper and pints of blond beer cost only 5 euros. They also serve home-made detox juices and maté.

La Promenade restaurant, Paris

Useful information:

  • Facebook page:
  • Wifi available
  • Open every day from 11:30 until 23:15


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