A high-tech night at the A-Stay Hotel in Antwerp

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A high-tech night at the A-Stay Hotel in Antwerp

When the 20th edition of the Goodbye travel magazine was published, they teamed up with a hotel in Antwerp to celebrate this event. The chosen one was the modern A-Stay hotel in Antwerp, and we were invited to join the party.

The Goodbye magazine is an inspiring travel magazine with in-depth suggestions on original travel destinations. The last edition features a dossier on Hamburg, Finland and North-Korea… none of which I’ve been able to visit so far.

A Stay Hotel, Antwerp

Although leafing through the magazine mentally transported us to all corners of the world, physically our journey was limited to Antwerp (which is definitely worth a visit too). In a previous article we’ve already given you loads of suggestions on what to do during your weekend in Antwerp. Here are some additional ideas when you’re staying over in the A-Stay hotel.

1 Sit around the indoor fireplace

Yep, that’s right. The lobby of the hotel features a cozy electric fireplace that looks like a real one. Curl up in one of the couches surrounding the fireplace with a good book and a hot coffee. This room is also available as a coworking space during the day (at 15 euro per day).

A Stay Hotel, Antwerp

2 Watch Netflix and chill

All the rooms are equipped with a smart TV. After downloading the app, you can even control the TV with your smartphone. Buy a Bolleke beer at the bar downstairs to enjoy some typical Antwerp beer while watching your favorite series.

A Stay Hotel, Antwerp

3 Disco in the shower

You can change the color and the intensity of the lights in the bedroom and even in the shower. Turn on some up-beat music and you’ve got your very own disco shower!

A Stay Hotel, Antwerp

4 Hand palm recognition

There’s no need to use a key card to open your hotel room door. Just wave at your door and it will open magically thanks to the hand palm recognition.

5 Admire the mural art

The local artist Charlotte De Cock has painted 15 murals in the A-Stay hotel. Since the hotel is located near the Zoo from Antwerp, they went for animals only. The first one you’ll see is at the entrance and the others are at the exit of the elevator on each floor.

A Stay Hotel, Antwerp

Practical information

  • Prices at A-Stay Hotel start at 81 EUR per night and you decide on the budget you want to spend, as you’re free to opt for extras like breakfast, lunch, drinks…
  • Address: Pelikaanstraat 86, 2018 Antwerpen

A Stay Hotel, Antwerp A Stay Hotel, Antwerp A Stay Hotel, Antwerp A Stay Hotel, Antwerp


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