Best sunset spots in Brussels

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Best sunset spots in Brussels

Sunset is a magnificent time to wander through Brussels and take in its breathtaking landscapes, made all the more dramatic by dusky light. There is no better moment to photograph the city and capture its charm and beauty. Instead of taking out your camera, you may want to bring your other half for a romantic evening and watch the sunset hand in hand. Below is an overview of the best sunset spots in Brussels, regardless of your exact intentions.

Mont des Arts

One of the most iconic places in Brussels, Mont des Arts boasts unparalleled views over the center of Brussels. Although it offers a stunning view at all times days and night, the places becomes truly magical around sunset. From here, you’ll be able frame the dramatic skyline of the Brussels city center. If you brought a real person instead of a camera, have a seat on the stairs leading up to Mont des Arts and enjoy the sunset magic. Also bring a bottle of wine and two glasses to truly impress your date.

Best sunset spots in brussels - Mont des Arts

Place Poelaert

Place Poelaert is the square in front of the Palace of Justice and a popular spot for locals to hang out and have a drink while watching the sunset. In the distance you’ll also spot the Atomium and the Basilica of Koekelberg. Check out our article about the sunset on Place Poelaert for more photos.

Best sunset spots in brussels - Place Poelaert

Parc du Cinquantenaire

Head to the fountain between the triumphal arch and the Merode metro station and make yourself comfortable on the surrounding grass field. Given that this is one of the best picnic spots in Brussels, you might want to invite some friends over for a picnic and share this magical moment. Around sunset, the sun descends in between the arches, thereby creating an amazing photo opportunity.

Best sunset spots in brussels - Parc du Cinquantenaire

Note: although the triumphal arch would also be a marvelous vantage point to watch the sunset, it closes at 5PM already. Try to visit during the day to climb to the top of the triumphal arch, which ranks among the best viewpoints over Brussels.

Westward-oriented rooftop bars

There are quite a few rooftop bars in Brussels where you can watch the sunset while sipping from a fancy cocktail or a cold beer:

Personally, we prefer the Summer Secret Rooftop bar as it boast the best view and most romantic setting.

Best sunset spots in brussels - Warwick Rooftop bar

Parc de Forest

Although atypical and less frequented by tourists, Parc de Forest is not only a great picnic spot, it also features a birds-eye view over the downtown area of Forest. Climb up the grass hill, find a good spot to sit and catch the dappled light dancing off the buildings. Once the sun has completely set, have a drink in the Guinguette du Parc de Forest nearby.

Best sunset spots in brussels - Parc de Forest


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