Unusual things to do in Brussels

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Unusual things to do in Brussels

You've already seen the main attractions of Brussels and you're looking for something different. Even in the popular capital of Europe it is still possible to escape the tourists and get off the beaten path. Below is an extensive list of unusual and totally unique things to do in Brussels.

PS: As opposed to other articles on blogs suggesting 'original ideas' (hum hum), I promise we wont suggest visiting the Atomium or the Chocolate museum ;-)

Try the Brussels drink half en half

I bet you never heard of half en half before. It is a typical Brussels beverage that was created in the late 1930ies and is made of champagne and white wine. Around Bourse there are several bars that still offer this festive drink.

Half en half

Have dinner in a beautiful art nouveau restaurant

Brussels is brimming with lunch and dinner options and you won't have any trouble finding nice places to eat. If however you'd like to have dinner in an exception art nouveau setting, the options are more limited. Check out this list of art nouveau restaurants for a unique dining experience.

Take a graffiti walk

Brussels is actually a very colorful city thanks to the many large murals adorning empty walls all over the city. Many of them are cartoon walls depicting characters and authors of the Franco-Belgian comics. You'll discover many of them via a cartoon walk in the Marolles. Alternatively you could also follow the Smile Instatour, a self-guided walking tour of 5 kilometers through the heart of Brussels. Check out our Instagram post to see some pictures.

Look for the 3 peeing statues

Yes, of course you already know Manneken Pis. But did you know we also have a peeing girl (Jeanneke Pis) and a peeing dog (Zinneke Pis)?

Zinneke Pis, the peeing dog

Enter the bowels of Brussels and visit the Sewer museum

The place is just as odd as its name suggests. It includes a tour of the city’s sewer system with all its perks and features. You'll walk along a part of the river Senne, and enter one of the tunnels of the sewerage network. The entire sewer network under the City of Brussels is nearly 400 km long, and in the Sewer Museum you'll get to explore about 300 meters of this subterrean labyrinth.

Take a beer bath

Enjoy a moment of relaxation in a beer spa at The Good Beer Spa or Bath & Barley. It's a unique experience where you relax in a beer bath filled with hot water, beer, hops and other natural ingredients. The beer bath has proven benefits for you skin, hair and muscles. You also have unlimited access to a beer tap to pour yourself a refreshing drink.⁠ Beer lovers should also check out this list of beer-related activities in Brussels.⁠

Beer Spa in Brussels


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