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A day at the Eau d'Heure lakes

At the end of Spring, we were invited by Wallonie Belgique Tourisme to discover ‘Wallonie – Terre d’Eau’, a touristic program that underlines the natural beauty of the southern part of the country characterized by an abundance of lakes, rivers, brooks… And rain. The central theme ('Wallonie au bor...

Where to sleep in Antwerp

You're spending the weekend in Antwerp and you're wondering where to sleep? We've tried a few very nice hotels in Antwerp which we'd like to share with you. They're all situated in the vicinity of the beautiful Antwerp train station, which is very practical if you travel by train. After dropping y...

Mons Coeur en Neige

You’ve already visited the Brussels Christmas market and you’d like to try another one that’s not too far away? How about Mons Coeur en Neige? As we’ve noticed during the impressive Doudou festival, the inhabitants of Mons know how to create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere. That is not differ...

Dolmens and menhirs in Wéris

Elected as one of the prettiest villages of Wallonia, Wéris is especially famous for its megalithic monuments. At 9 kilometers from Durbuy, it’s worth making a detour to Wéris to stroll through its picturesque historical center, hike through the surrounding woods or enjoy a dolmen beer.