EATS, the food court in City 2

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EATS, the food court in City 2

Feeling hungry after shopping?

Although it’s not really a restaurant, I’d briefly like to talk about EATS, the new food court on the ground floor of the City 2 shopping mall. Its official opening was the occasion for us to try some of the specialties catered by the different food chains. They offer a quick service and tasty food, which makes it a great place to grab a bite after an intensive shopping session in the mall.

Together, the different food chains cater a wide variety of dishes, with options like vegan cuisine, healthy smoothies, filling pasta, spicy noodles, Japanese sushi, yummie ice-cream… If you're out shopping with friends or family, the advantage of this food court is that anyone can order something different that suits his/her taste while the entire group can still eat together at the lunch area in the center.

EATS, food court in City 2

Which food chains will you find at EATS?

These are the lunch spots that make up the food corner EATS: Australian Ice Cream, Bägl, Can Tho, Chitir Chicken, Copper Branch, Cosy Pasta, Croc &amp, moi, Divino Coffee, Exki, Five Guys, Happy Fish, Lasagna Tiramisu, Libanoo, Mujgan, O Tacos, Thai Café, Wasabi Green, Wazawok, Zest.

You'll find the updated list also on the website of City 2.

One of the main discoveries for me was the Canadian chain Copper Branch that serves vegan food spiced up to perfection. My hardcore carnivore boyfriend even agreed he liked it. In the Asian branch, we tried delicious noodles from Wazawok and a fingerlicking boa with pork and barbecue sauce from Can Tho. For dessert, we had straciatella ice-cream from Australian Ice Cream. And to create the (false) illusion that we were being healthy, we finished with an energizing smoothie from Zest. What a feast!

EATS, food court in City 2 EATS, food court in City 2 EATS, food court in City 2 EATS, food court in City 2 EATS, food court in City 2 EATS, food court in City 2

These are just a few of the food chains that make up the food court EATS. We’ll have to go back a few times in order to try them all…


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