Brussels restaurants that remain open during the lockdown

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Brussels restaurants that remain open during the lockdown

To prevent the excessive spread of the Corona virus, the Belgian government has decided that all restaurants and bars should close until the virus is under control. It goes without saying that this measure is very dramatic for all local businesses. Those who can, now offer alternative services like delivery and take-away. Below is a list of those Brussels restaurants that remain open, classified by commune. If you want to buy other products, you can check out our list of Brussels shops that offer delivery services. Help them through these difficult times by treating yourself to the yummy meals they keep on catering.

1070 Anderlecht

  • I Panciutti: delivery through Uber Eats
  • Kasbah d'Asie: / Uber Eats / Deliveroo / take-away (call 0484 15 05 92)
  • YouWok: Uber Eats / Deliveroo / / take-away

1160 Auderghem

1000 Brussels

1040 Etterbeek

1140 Evere

1190 Forest

1083 Ganshoren

1050 Ixelles

1090 Jette

1020 Laeken

1081 Koekelberg

1080 Molenbeek

1120 Neder-Over-Heembeek

1060 Saint-Gilles

1210 Saint-Josse

1030 Schaerbeek

1180 Uccle

1170 Watermael-Boitsfort

1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

10150 Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

1930 Zaventem

  • Anarchy: delivery catering service
  • Be Burger: take-away / Deliveroo / Uber Eats
  • Takumi: take-away / Uber Eats / Deliveroo

All over Brussels

  • Crowdcooks: Catering service delivering fresh meals at your doorstep

On the map

Most of the places mentioned above are also marked on this Google Maps, created by Lucie Van Damme, a passionate foodie from Brussels.


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