Best rooftop bars in Brussels

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Best rooftop bars in Brussels

One of our favorite Summer activities in Brussels is hanging out with friends in a rooftop bar. There is no better way to enjoy a sunny day than by taking in a beautiful view over the city with a cocktail in hand. Brussels has some nice rooftop bars where you can do exactly that. You'll find them all in the list below!

Jardin Rooftop

A large rooftop on Boulevard Anspach with an incredible view over Brussels. From the rooftop you can see many important Brussels landmarks: Bourse, the city hall, the St Michael and St Gudula Cathedral, the Palace of Justice and the Ferris Wheel, the Koekelberg basilica... Especially recommended around sunset when the city is glowing in a golden hue.

Jardin Rooftop


When the days grow longer and sunnier, the Beurscafé (housed within the Beursschouwburg) temporarily moves up to the rooftop on the fifth floor. The rooftop bar offers a nice view over Bourse, the former stock exchange building. Around lunchtime, you can take your food up for a picnic under the Brussels sun. It is also very nice in the evening, when party lights flood the place in a magical vibe.

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Beurscafé rooftop bar - best rooftop bars in Brussels

Playlabel Rooftop Bar

Although the bar sits on top of the Crosby Bowling building, it has very little to do with bowling. Instead it’s all about good music and a festive vibe. Install in one of the sun chairs while sipping from a cocktail and watch the sun go down. On one side of the bar you’ll even look down on a remainder of the wall around Brussels!

Playlabel rooftop bar - best rooftop bars in Brussels

Summer Secret Rooftop Bar

When it comes to views, the rooftop of the Warwick hotel might very well be my favorite. Situated around Grand Place, it offers a unique view of the Brussels townhall. The place is a nice setting for afterwork drinks as well as a romantic spot to watch the sunset with your date. Especially when a band starts playing some live music…

Warwick rooftop bar - best rooftop bars in Brussels


Personally, I think this one is a bit blasé and the drinks are a bit too expensive, but I’m still adding it on the list because it is a beautiful place. Situated on the seventh floor of the JAM hotel, Perché is a rooftop bar with an industrial design. Although the view is less impressive, they make up for it with a rooftop swimming pool.

Perché - best rooftop bars in Brussels

Rooftop of the Royal Library

This one is slightly different from the others in that you won’t get cocktails, music or late-night parties here. It is actually a canteen for the people working in the library, which is also open to the public. Take to elevator to the fifth floor and you’ll find an oasis of peace with an amazing view over both the city center and the Palace of Justice.

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Rooftop of the Royal Library - best rooftop bars in Brussels

The rooftop bar of the Musical Instrument’s Museum

After enjoying the exhibitions in the museum (or not: access is free), make sure to complete your visit by checking out the rooftop terrace on the 11th floor. Part of the seating area is housed within the dome of the art nouveau building. Up there, you’ll be treated to a nice view of the Brussels city center.

Musical Instrument’s Museum rooftop bar - best rooftop bars in Brussels

Boho Rooftop bar

As a result of a partnership between NH Collection and Boho Brussels, a new rooftop bar has seen the light! Situated close to Place de Brouckère, Boho Rooftop bar is a nice venue for an afterwork drink. By taking the elevator to the 9th floor, you’ll reach the top floor of the NH Collection hotel which has been redesigned as a fancy rooftop bar. From up there, you can see as far as the basilica of Koekelberg and the Atomium. So have a cocktail and enjoy the view! If you're hungry, you can also order a pizza or cheese/ham platter to share.

Boho rooftop bar


Located in a side street of Avenue de la Toison d'Or, Cospaia is a very unique rooftop bar and restaurant. The terrace consists of a heated veranda and an open-air seating area. Since Cospaia boasts both a restaurant and a rooftop bar, you can also head over for a drink. From the terrace you'll be looking out over the imposing Palace of Justice in the distance, which is enjoyed even better when combined with one of their fancy cocktails.

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Best rooftop bars in Brussels - Cospaia


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